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The Horseshoe Shrub is a land Flora. Shrub Nuts can be harvested from it. Currently, they can be found inside of caves on Delta Island and Marguerit's Greenhouse in the Arctic. Shrub Nuts can be planted to grow more Horseshoe Shrubs but this will only work if the grow bed is out of water. Shrub Nuts do not deteriorate and can be carried with player as free (but bulky) medkits.

Databank Entry

Horseshoe Shrub
Fruit plant frame.png

The horseshoe shrub is a terrestrial plant that thrives in warm conditions. Visual identification is easy due to the thick crown of leaves on its bifurcated trunk.

The trunk has a thick fibrous core that stores water for its fruiting body.

Assessment: Fruit can be harvested and planted, and could be a sustainable food source.

Source: Scan Horseshoe Shrubs



  • The Horseshoe Shrub was originally called the Leafy Fruit Plant
    • The Shrub Nut was originally called the Leafy Fruit