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This article is about I Glass Compartment in Subnautica. Click here for information on this subject in Below Zero.

The I Glass Compartment is a Seabase module made of glass that has the appearance of the letter "I". It provides less hull integrity than a I Compartment but provides a more visually appealing design.

It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed on the seabed or a Foundation. The I Glass Compartment module can be deconstructed, but all attached components on and in that single module must be deconstructed first.

At the surface an I Glass Compartment has an integrity level of eight and every I Glass Compartment added reduces the integrity by two. By default, it can be rotated before placement using the mouse wheel.


  • Hatches can be placed on the end-panels.
  • Windows can be placed on the end-panels.
  • Ladders can be placed on the floor when there is an adjacent seabase module to connect.
  • Reinforcements cannot be placed due to the lack of side-panels.
  • The I Glass Compartment can be expanded with other modules from its two end and floor panels.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by unlocking the Window. It is crafted with the Habitat Builder.

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