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Ice Bubbles are an Oxygen-producing formation found in underwater caves such as those in the Glacial Basin and the Arctic icebergs. Many Ice Bubbles require the use of a Laser Cutter in order to produce oxygen.


Ice Bubbles appear as clusters of large frozen bubbles that are typically found on the walls of caves. The large central bubble can be cut open with a Laser Cutter to release trapped oxygen.


Ice Bubbles are commonly found in a sealed state that requires the use of a Laser Cutter. Upon opening, an Ice Bubble will release three oxygen-rich bubbles that can be used by the player to replenish their oxygen. A short cooldown will take place after each set of bubbles are released. They serve as a quicker alternative to Oxygen Plants.



  • The behavior of the Ice Bubble closely resembles that of Brain Coral from Subnautica.