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Incubator Device

The Incubator Device is a piece of Precursor technology that is located within the Aquarium of the Primary Containment Facility. It is designed to keep the five remaining Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs alive.

The five eggs are unable to hatch, as the chamber they are contained within is not the correct environment for the babies. To hatch the eggs the player must insert Hatching Enzymes into the Terminal. One bottle of it is enough for all five eggs.

An Ion Cube slot is present on the Incubator Device, placing one inside will activate the Alien Data Terminal, as well as trigger a response from the Sea Emperor Leviathan, and it will move to blow away the sand at the Arch behind the Incubator Device.

Data Bank Entry

Hatching Enzymes

The emperor specimen's eggs are attached to some form of incubator.

In a normal life cycle it seems likely that sea emperors would have buried their eggs in shallower waters, where different organic materials in the soil would have triggered a hatching response. The incubator suggests the aliens had resorted to developing artificial hatching enzymes which would simulate the eggs' natural hatching environment, but were unable to discover the formula.

With extensive information on the sea emperors themselves it may still be possible to fabricate an artificial hatching enzyme using indigenous ingredients, however the only surviving source of that information may be the sea emperor itself.


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