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The Jellyshroom is a giant, highly luminescent flora species found only in the Jellyshroom Cave. Some Jellyshrooms are home to the Crabsnakes. Crabsnakes live inside the hollow trunks, and will spring out to ambush the player.

Jellyshrooms can be harvested with a knife, giving Jellyshroom Spores, which can then be planted in the Exterior Growbed or Alien Containment, and can also be used in the Bioreactor as fuel. Sometimes, minerals or a Crabsnake Egg can be found inside the trunk.

Despite being placed in the Flora category, the Jellyshroom is similar to many real-world fungi in that it is saprotrophic, processing the decaying remains of the fish the Crabsnakes eat in order to grow. The Jellyshroom seems very similar in appearance to the Acid Mushroom, so it is possible that the two are distantly related.


As the name suggests, the Jellyshroom strongly resembles a fungus with a jellyfish cap. Its stem is dark in colour, and robust-looking, whilst its cap is transparent, and a bright bioluminescent purple colour.

A smaller variety of Jellyshroom can often be found growing around the base of larger ones.

It is possible to swim inside some Jellyshrooms through the hole at the center of the cap. However, if a Crabsnake is inside the shroom, it will spring out and attack the player if they get too close.

Data Bank Entry


A lifeform unique to a microcosm located in a cave system deep within the grassy plateaus, where a high concentration of carnivorous lifeforms wards off smaller predators.

- Consists of a tough, trunk-like base from which grows a fragile purple membrane
- Membrane structure suggests vulnerability to predation, but evidence thereof is lacking
- Unknown defensive mechanisms?
- Possible symbiotic relationship?

Predators: None identified