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This article is about the Kelp Forest. You may be looking for the Kelp Forest Caves.


Life on this planet grows in unusually distinct and diverse ecological biomes. Further study recommended.

― PDA, Dialogue


Kelp Forests are one of the most diverse biomes due to the range of fauna and flora that make their home in these biomes. These biomes are characterized by the abundance of Creepvines, and possess a distinct greenish hue in the water.


The Kelp Forest is one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Planet 4546B. It is also the primary home of Stalkers and Hoverfish.

It is located at medium-shallow depths, and is home to mostly passive life forms, with the only exceptions being Stalkers and Drooping Stingers. The seabed is mostly mossy and sandy, with the terrain being comprised of grassy knolls and arches, which sometimes shows entrances to small cavern systems. There are also many canyons to be found in these forests. There is a lot of decorative flora on the sandy, grassy bottom.


Most of the raw materials found here are at medium-level depths, with many harvesting nodes such as Limestone and Sandstone. The Creepvine Seed Clusters, found on some Creepvines provide light and beautiful night time scenery, and are also crucial ingredients for making Lubricant and Silicone Rubber.

There are currently five Kelp Forests on the map, some containing wrecks, a destroyed lifepod, or both.

Large amounts of metal salvage can be found here due to the Stalkers' gathering behavior.

Dense Kelp Forest[]

Deeper areas of this biome can transition into the Dense Kelp Forest. There, the water hue possesses a darker shade of green than the normal Kelp Forest. Stalkers tend to gather metal salvage here and Mesmers may come out of nearby caves to lure the player in.



  • The Kelp forest ties with the Grassy Plateaus for the largest number of other biomes it borders: eleven.