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This article is about the Kelp Forest Caves. You may be looking for Kelp Forest.


Be advised: a common complication for cave divers is loss of orientation, followed by eventual asphyxiation.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Kelp Forest Caves are cave systems located at deeper levels of the Kelp Forest.

Many sections of the caves are dangerous and difficult to pass through due to their dark and hazardous nature, with lifeforms such as Drooping Stingers and Mesmers. These caves generally have an abundance of resources, albeit mostly concentrated in much deeper areas.

One of the caves connects to one of the Lava Geysers in the Safe Shallows. These caves are well known for the incredibly high amount of Crashfish at specific parts of the caves. It is very risky to go near this area as many Crashfish will start chasing the player at once and, if not careful, could kill the player.

The entrance to the cave system with the Eye Stalk plants can be found near Lifepod 3.



  • The Kelp Forest Caves were intended to have a type of flora called "Cave Roots", however, it was decided that the Kelp Forest looked good enough already and after a Blood Kelp Zone concept had been drawn it was decided that they would work better there so they were retextured to fit the Blood Kelp Zone.[1]
    • A model of the original cave roots can be found on Sketchfab.