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The Kelp Roots are a flora species that dominate the Arctic Kelp Caves.

Despite their close proximity to the Creepvine, their coloration would suggest that they are an entirely different species to the Kelp on the surface and may be closer related to Bloodroot or a mixed gene of both.

Some Kelp Roots have Kelp Root Pustules growing on them.

Databank Entry

Kelproot Ency.png

Contrary to its name, the visible aspect of the Kelproot is a thick twisted stem. The root system anchors deep into the rocky walls of the cave.

Some Kelproots grow a Pustule along that stem, which are formed by the plant slowly ejecting out toxic materials that are absorbed by the extensive root system.

Assessment: Harvestable for resources used in fabrication.

Source: Scan Kelp Roots



  • The Kelp Roots were created for the Kelp Forest of the first Subnautica, but were then re-skinned to become Bloodroot and never used for the Kelp Forest.