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Kyanite is a raw material that appears as an angular blue gemstone, and can be clustered together in a large crystalline formation or found alone inside the Lava Castle.

Uses in Crafting


Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Ion CrystalKyaniteKyaniteArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Blue Tablet

Vehicle Upgrade Console

KyaniteKyanitePolyanilinePolyanilineWiring KitArrow-right (1)Vehicle Upgrade ConsoleArrow-right (1)Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor

Cyclops Upgrade Console

PolyanilinePolyanilineKyanite×4Wiring KitArrow-right (1)Cyclops Upgrade ConsoleArrow-right (1)Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module

Modification Station

Cyclops Depth Module MK2Plasteel IngotKyaniteKyaniteKyaniteArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Cyclops Depth Module MK3

Prawn Suit Pressure Compensator Mark 1Titanium×5LithiumLithiumKyaniteKyaniteKyaniteArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Neptune Fuel Reserve

Plasteel IngotCrystalline Sulfur×4Kyanite×4Ion Power CellIon Power CellArrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Escape Rocket Stage 2

Data Bank Entry

Kyanite is a blue silicate mineral which forms under high temperature, high pressure conditions. It is resistant to heat up to 1100 degrees Celsius, and is thermoelectric, making it a valuable component of thermal power plants.

Assessment: Essential for advanced fabrication



  • There were once single pieces of Kyanite that could be found in deep Biomes, such as the Blood Kelp Zone or the Dunes. These were removed in a later update. Single pieces can still be found near the Alien Thermal Plant.
  • Kyanite is the only large resource deposit in Subnautica that is not guaranteed to eject smaller pieces when drilling chunks from a large node. This is not a bug.
    • There is a 0.0000005% chance for a large Kyanite deposit to yield 22 Kyanite pieces.
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