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This article is about the Lantern Tree. You may be looking for the Lantern Fruit.

The Lantern Tree is a rare, terrestrial flora species found in a small section towards the back of the Floating Island, near a Degasi seabase as well as a single growbed inside one of the abandoned observatories.

Lantern Fruit can be collected by plucking them from the Lantern Tree's branches. One can plant a Lantern Fruit in Interior Growbeds and Plant Pots. Over a certain amount of time (about twelve minutes), it will grow into a Lantern Tree. Over time, the Lantern Tree will start producing Lantern Fruits.

Due to the amount of fruit it produces, it is an extremely versatile source of food for the player, and power for the Bioreactor, with the only downside for them being it's relatively fast rate of decomposition.


The Lantern Tree has a large trunk, made of several vines twisting in a spiral motion that stretch outwards into several individual branches. The branches have small, bioluminescent Lantern Fruits growing from them.

The Lantern Tree also has large leaves that are green with orange tips on the branches.

Data Bank Entry

Lantern Tree-0.png

A conglomeration of individual vines which rely on one another for structural support. Grows exclusively on fertile land. Each vine produces orange, lantern-shaped fruits with minimal nutrition and hydration value.

Assessment: Edible in an emergency



  • The Lantern Tree was originally called the Hanging Fruit Tree.
  • Whilst the Lantern Tree was still in Experimental Mode, it produced lead and was called the Lead Tree. This was a place holder and was subsequently changed before it was fully implemented into the game.
  • Despite the name, the Lantern Tree would not be classified as a tree due to it being a cluster of vines living in a mutualistic relationship, lacking a single stem or trunk.
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