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This article is about Lantern Tree (Below Zero) in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Lantern Tree (Below Zero).
This article is about Lantern Tree. You may be looking for Lantern Fruit.

The Lantern Tree is a rare, terrestrial flora species found in Outpost Zero.

Lantern Fruits can be collected by plucking them from the Lantern Tree's branches. One can plant a Lantern Fruit in an Indoor Growbed or a Plant Pot. Over a certain amount of time (about twelve minutes), it will grow into a Lantern Tree. Once fully grown, the Lantern Tree will begin to produce Lantern Fruits overtime.

Due to the amount of fruit it produces, it is an extremely versatile source of food for the player, and provides lots of power when used in a Bioreactor. However, Lantern Fruits decompose relatively quickly, and it is best to consume them very soon after plucking.


The Lantern Tree has a large trunk, made of several vines twisting in a spiral motion that stretch outwards into several individual branches. The branches have small, bioluminescent Lantern Fruits growing from them. The Lantern Tree's branches also bear large, blue-green leaves with blue stripes and orange tips.

The only natural Lantern Trees found in Outpost Zero appear to be withered, being much darker then their healthy counterpart and supporting no leaves with less fruit on their branches.

Data Bank Entry

Lantern Tree
Lantern Tree-0 (BZ).png

A conglomeration of individual vines which rely on one another for structural support. Grows exclusively on fertile land. Each vine produces orange, lantern-shaped fruits with minimal nutrition and hydration value.

Assessment: Edible in an emergency

Source: Scan Lantern Trees