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The Large Red Beryl Formation is a large crystalline structure found in the Fabricator Caverns. It serves no practical purpose other than decoration.


Large Red Beryl Formations are red in hue and comprised of smaller cubic structures that form columns.

They can be seen protruding from the ground, typically with large crystalline bases supporting them, and branched into other columns in the Fabricator Caverns.

A large cluster of these crystals can be found along the entrance of the Fabricator Base, connecting with the nearby crystal columns.

Data Bank Entry

Large red beryl formation
FabricatorCaverns CrystalDB.png

Red beryl is an extremely rare mineral; these crystal formations are abnormally large and suggest a very specific geochemical environment.

In order for these crystals to form, the surrounding water must be rich with beryllium, the environment must be very hot (between 300 and 650 degrees Celsius), and there must be surface fractures or cavities for the distinct formations to emerge.

Source: Scan Large Red Beryl Formations



  • In real life, red beryl is an extremely rare form of the mineral beryl, which composes well-known gems such as emerald and aquamarine. Red beryl is also known as Bixbite.