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The Large Room is a large rectangular Seabase module with many times the floor space of the Multipurpose Room. It can be built using the Habitat Builder.


The Large Room has ten wall nodes on which room expansions can be built: the short walls each have one, and the long walls four.

  • Hatches can be built on the wall nodes. They pop out from the room a small distance when built.
  • The Large Room can be expanded with other modules from its ten wall nodes. Modules other than Compartments will form a tiny corridor.
    • If another Large Room or a Moonpool is placed parallel to the Large Room, it is possible to form a multiple connection.
  • Water Filtration Machines can be built along the same wall nodes, taking up a small amount of floor space.
  • Bioreactors, Nuclear Reactors, and Alien Containments can be built on nodes in the center of the room. The four nodes of this kind are marked by large black tiles.
    • Alien Containments built in the Large Room will be approximately twice the size of one built in a Multipurpose Room, taking up two floor nodes. They do not hold extra creatures, however.
    • Alien Containments on adjacent floors can be built in a "stair step" configuration, sharing only one floor node. This arrangement works correctly physically, but causes the floor of the upper tank to render strangely.
  • Partitions and Partition Doors can be built along the markings on the floor, as well as attached to walls at wall nodes. Note that Partition Doors must be built onto existing Partitions.
  • Ladders can be placed where ceiling tiles are located, so long as another Large Room is above the tile.
  • Large Rooms can be stacked perfectly. The roof of the bottom Large Room will be the floor of the top Large Room, and Alien Containments will stack like in Multipurpose Rooms. A ladder must be built to travel between the rooms.
  • A Large Room Glass Dome can be installed on a Large Room, at great cost to hull strength.
  • The flat roof of a Large Room can be used for placing Exterior Growbeds if the player does not wish to expand vertically.
  • A Large Room cannot be connected vertically with a Multipurpose room using Ladders or an Alien Containment


The blueprint for this item can be acquired by scanning the Large Room at the Outpost Zero, Phi Robotics Center, or the second Large Room of Marguerit Maida's Base (the one without the glass roof). The Large Room at Omega Lab cannot be scanned. It is crafted with the Habitat Builder.

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Several non-player bases feature a smaller Large Room with only two floor nodes (making them the same size as a Moonpool), some of which sport a similarly reduced Large Room Glass Dome. This variant cannot be acquired or scanned.