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This article is about the lower lava biome. You may be looking for the Inactive Lava Zone.

The Lava Lakes are a cave biome in Subnautica. At 1300+ meters down they are the deepest biome on the map. It has the highest ambient temperature of any biome: up to 75°C.

Within the Lava Lakes, the Primary Containment Facility can be found. This particular biome plays a major role in the story of Subnautica.

The Lava Lakes can only be accessed via the Inactive Lava Zone, as well as meaning that only a Prawn Suit equipped with a Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2 and/or a Cyclops with a Cyclops Depth Module MK3 is able to explore it. It can also be divided into two parts: Lava Lakes and Lava Falls.


The Lava Lakes are much smaller than the Inactive Lava Zone, but have much more volcanic activity. The chamber consists of a huge lake of lava, with occasional lava falls and masses of magma. Lava falls are a common sight in this biome, along with obsidian pillars and magma formations jutting from the walls and lakes. Compared to the Inactive Lava Zone, the Lava Lakes have higher visibility and a brighter, orange fog due to the greater intensity in lava activity and abundance.

The Lava Falls can be found by descending from the Inactive Lava Zone above to the main chamber below. 2 large pits/openings act as entrances to the Lava Lakes, and one can be found south-east from the Lava Castle. The other entrance is located roughly south-west of the lava castle, which can be found in a domed depression in the Inactive Lava Zone, named the Lava Pit.

Typically, a Sea Dragon Leviathan can be found guarding the lava lake. Towards the end of the lake, five Sonic Deterrents can be found attached to obsidian mounds by cables. The purpose of these cubes is to ward off fauna from the nearby alien base, the Primary Containment Facility.



  • The Lava Lakes was originally called the Active Lava Zone.
  • The Lava Lakes is one of the only two biomes without Flora, the other being the Crater Edge.
  • The Lava Lakes is the deepest cave biome in the game.
  • The lava pit within the Lava Lakes appears noticably different in structure and color to the rest of the biome.