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This article is about the Lava Lizard. You may be looking for the Lava Larva.

The Lava Lizard is a mid-sized, aggressive fauna species, dominating the areas of the Inactive Lava Zone and the Lava Lakes, as well as inhabiting the Lava Castle's interior.


The Lava Lizard is a large, densely built creature with scaly skin. It has two silver eyes set in dark-pink sockets. The creature has a wide and deep mouth. The top and bottom lips are both split which allows the mouth to open to a greater size. The teeth are sharp, with sixteen pairs, the front two pairs being modified into large protruding teeth that point forwards. Many scars can be seen around the eyes and head, as well as a few on its underbelly, presumably from battling other Lava Lizards for territory.

The skin on the creature's dorsal side is scaled, pale green and spotted with darker green patches, whilst the ventral side appears smoother, and beige-colored. It has two squat, three-digit limbs, each digit ending with a long claw and connected by pink webbing. The tail fin appears very similar, with three long spike-tipped structures connected by pink webbing. Just before the tail fin are a pair of small green fin-like structures, each bearing a single claw. Their bodies are heavily scarred which may imply fierce battling within the Lava Lizard species.


The Lava Lizard can swim through lava, creating a shell of hardened lava on their back which acts as armor. It can be broken using the knife or the Repulsion Cannon. Swimming through lava will also grant it the ability to spit a cooled chunk of lava at the player as a projectile attack. It can also ram the player after firing the projectile. Each attack deals 30% damage.

Lava Lizards are incredibly hostile towards Warpers and will break off pursuit of the player to engage a Warper. A single lava chunk shot will cause the Warper to teleport away.

The projectile attack will cook any edible fish if it kills them.

If the player has Lava Larvae on their vehicle, sometimes the Lava Lizard will eat the Lava Larvae off the aforementioned vehicle without harming it.

Lava Lizards are resistant to the effects of the Thermoblade, and thus the tool is useless against them. This is most likely due to their own skin being adapted to the climates of the Inactive Lava Zone and Lava Lakes. However, they are still vulnurable to regular knife-wielding players.

Energy Value

Lava LizardItem ArrowBioreactorItem ArrowEnergy×560
LavaLizardEggItem ArrowBioreactorItem ArrowEnergy×189

Data Bank Entry

Lava Lizard-0

Medium-sized predator adapted for life in volcanic regions, and remarkably able to spit molten rock at its foes.

1. Fore-mounted Mandibles:
Designed to do maximum damage to prey; sharp internal teeth tear through flesh and bone alike.

2. Scar Tissue:
Likely due to regular exposure to magma, lava lizards build up a thick layer of scar tissue over time, which enables them to withstand ever greater temperatures, inside and out.

3. Behavior:
It is able to both defend itself by burying its body in magma, and to go on the offensive by spitting molten rock at its foes.

Assessment: Avoid, especially in the presence of lava flow



  • The Lava Lizard's model before gaining a lava shell was once used for the Stalker before a more suitable model was chosen and the model was given to the Lava Lizard.
  • The Lava Lizard and the Stalker are the only creatures in Subnautica that don't emit Bioluminescence.
    • The Lava Lizard's magma shell emits light. However, this is not true Bioluminescence, as it is neither produced biochemically nor emitted by the creature itself. Instead, this light is incandescence produced by the hot magma coating.
  • The Lava Lizard could be a reference to the mythical salamander that used fire to form a layer of protection and was said to be born out of fire itself.
  • The Lava Lizard, along with the Boneshark and River Prowler, were once able to attack the Cyclops. This feature has since been removed.
  • It is the only medium-sized creature that can be grabbed using a Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon.