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The Standard 2-Berth Emergency Lifepod 5 is the vessel in which Ryley Robinson survived the crash of the Aurora at the beginning of Subnautica, landing in the Safe Shallows.


During the intro sequence, the player climbs inside the Lifepod to escape the crash of the Aurora. During the crash, a panel flies off the opposite wall, exposing wires and slamming into the player's face, knocking him out. The player wakes up three hours later and quickly notices that the Lifepod is on fire, and puts it out with a Fire Extinguisher. The Lifepod then becomes the player's starting location.


The Lifepod has two opening hatches: one on the ceiling, which can be reached from the inside by climbing a ladder, and another in the floor and submerged. The internals of the vessel suffered damages during the crash and are smoldering after a fire erupted inside. The Lifepod Secondary Systems and the radio can be repaired using the Repair Tool, turning on the secondary lights in the pod and enabling messages respectively.


Lifepod secondary systems online. Running full environment diagnostic and outputting results to databank.

― PDA, upon repairing secondary systems

Goal SecondarySystems3 effect


The Lifepod houses a Fabricator which will be visited often until the player builds a Seabase fitted with another fabricator, a small amount of storage with a few pieces of survival equipment and rations, a Fire Extinguisher which is used to put out the fire in the beginning of the game, a wall-mounted Medical Kit Fabricator generating First Aid Kits every thirty minutes and a wall-mounted radio receiving and broadcasting emergency messages and distress calls. The habitat builder could not build anything in, or on, the lifepod. Build a sea-base for that purpose.

Energy Usage

Energy is provided to the Lifepod by three Solar Power Cells on the bulkhead, with a capacity of 25 Energy each. These Power Cells cannot be removed. The Fabricator will drain energy from the Power Cells when used (except in Creative Mode), and they will recharge themselves over time.

Databank Entry

2-Berth Emergency Lifepod

Unlocked by default Standard Features:
- Short-range radio (250km uninterrupted range)
- Wall-mounted fabricator for survival equipment manufacture, and for rendering organic substances edible
- Medical kit fabricator
- Onboard air-break and flotation devices, for land, sea or space recovery
- Solar power cells x3
- Emergency exits in the floor and roof

Standard Provisions:
- 2x All-Environment Protection Suits
- 2x Ready-to-eat nutrient blocks
- 2x Drinking water provision
- 1x Emergency medkit
- 2x Emergency flares

NB Some lifepods may be equipped with different supplies, such as radiation suits and replacement parts. Board the right lifepod for the right situation.

Source: Unlocked by default



  • The Lifepod is fitted with two seats, although only one seat is used by one person: the player (Ryley).
  • The Lifepod is missing several items from its standard provisions inventory: one Scanner, one Nutrient Block, one Filtered Water Bottle, one Flashlight and the assorted replacement parts. It has, however, an additional Flare.
  • The various equipment aboard the Lifepod is branded with the Alterra logo.
  • When exiting the Lifepod through the bottom hatch for the first time, a Rabbit Ray and two catchable Holefish are spawned.
  • When exiting the Lifepod through the top hatch for the first time, a Skyray will attempt to land on it, before being startled by the player and flying off.


This section contains bugs related to Lifepod 5. Make sure to only post reproducible bugs, and use appropriate system template ( XboxLogo, PlaystationLogo, WindowsLogo / AppleLogo ) depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.

  • WindowsLogo While Lifepod 5 is damaged, if the game is saved, exited, then loaded back, the lifepod will appear repaired. All lights will be on, no more smoke or sparks will be displayed, and Lifepod 5's Display will present the "Status: Ok" message.
  • WindowsLogo If the game's water detail setting is changed during play, certain objects will no longer displace it properly and will clip/visually break. This primarily affects all Vehicles and Lifepod 5.
  • XboxLogo If you spawn a Cyclops in the Lifepod 5, the Cyclops will push it!
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