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This article is about the Light Stick in Subnautica. To see this subject's article on the Below Zero Wiki, click here.

The Light Stick is a tool that provides light for its surroundings. It has a similar purpose to that of the Flare, differing in that the Light Stick is a permanent tool (it won't disappear after emitting light for a certain amount of time and can be reused) and that the Light Stick cannot be thrown.

If the Light Stick is in the player's hand, it provides light around the player.

The Light Stick can also be placed on the terrain. In this case, the Light Stick will provide light at that spot. The Light Stick doesn't require any power source to work.

In order to craft this item, the player has to acquire its Blueprint by scanning Light Stick Fragments found in various Wrecks.


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Data Bank Entry


A mobile, battery-powered LED light, which provides low-level lighting in a 360 degree area, and can be attached to most surfaces.



  • The Light Stick was originally battery powered. When it was like this it lasted 11 minutes.