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This article is about the Marblemelon Plant. You may be looking for the Marblemelon.

The Marblemelon Plant is a terrestrial life form belonging to the flora category. By using a Survival Knife, the player can harvest Marblemelon Seeds from Marblemelons. Marblemelons can be eaten for water and nutrition, and is an effective food source when farmed. Once planted from seed, the Marblemelon will take 800s (13m:20s) to mature.

The only three Marblemelon Plants in the game can be found in small pots in Marguerit's Greenhouse.


The Marblemelon Plant appears to share many similar features with watermelons found on Earth, like its stripes and shape. However, it is yellow in color with dark brown stripes, and it has small lumps on its surface. It also features large dark green palm-like leaves branching out from its top. It also bears a resemblance to a marble, due to it being round and having stripes.

Data Bank Entry

Marblemelon Plant
Marblemelon-0 (BZ).png

This plant collects water from the air rather than relying on its root system, and produces large, fleshy fruits which are both edible, and have atypically high water content.

Assessment: Edible - High water content

Source: Scan Marblemelon Plants