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When seamonsters are hunting you, you don't hide. You hunt the seamonsters. Then you build a bigger boat out of seamonster bones, and you hunt bigger monsters. Keep going until there aren't any monsters left to hunt you.

― Marguerit Maida, Marguerit Maida's Log - Speaking Freely


Marguerit Maida was a highly experienced mercenary and former member of the Trans System Federation, hired by Paul Torgal to protect the Degasi from pirate raids. Marguerit and Paul didn't get along well and argued often about where to establish themselves. Marguerit wished to go deeper into the sea, but Paul wanted to remain on the Floating Island. In the end Marguerit had her way and they set up habitats in the Jellyshroom Cave and later in the Deep Grand Reef. Paul allowed this to happen because, despite being the captain, he knew that he and Bart needed her to survive.

Marguerit's considerable experience was demonstrated on multiple occasions, once when she wrestled Stalkers and took their teeth by force and again when she brought a nearly dead Reaper Leviathan to their base in the Deep Grand Reef, and was last seen clinging to the Reaper Leviathan responsible for the destruction of that base, having stabbed a jagged piece of metal into its neck.


Bart Torgal

Marguerit and Bart seem to get along, and it is highly obvious that she prefers him over his father. An example of this is when Marguerit planned to leave the Torgals while they were sleeping, take what she needed and go off on her own. However, while expressed relief at the prospect of leaving Paul, she couldn't bring herself to abandon Bart, claiming that he wasn't "so bad." Whether their friendship caused her to stay is unknown. Throughout their time on the planet, their relationship is further explored, with Marguerit capturing specimens for Bart to study. When she found an alien tablet in the ocean she gave it to Bart to study, showing that she trusts him. When Bart realized that they were infected with an unknown pathogen, she took extreme measures to capture specimens for him. Despite their disagreement over her methods, the two shared a friendly relationship. 

Paul Torgal

Marguerit's relationship with Bart's father was tense, to put it mildly. Paul was bullheaded and stubborn, set in his ways and the belief that his way was the only way. But Marguerit often did things her own way and refused to even consider Paul's point of view. An example of this is when she proposed to move to the Jellyshroom Caves, which Paul flatly refused multiple times. She was aware of and chose to ignore Paul's dislike towards her friendship with Bart. She also ignored his frantic reactions to her actions, such as bringing back a severely injured Reaper Leviathan on the back of their Cyclops, as she merely stated Bart needed a "test subject."

Relevant Data Downloads

Degasi Crew Manifest: Marguerit Maida

Auxiliary Search & Rescue Mission: Marguerit Maida
Position: Freelance Security Personnel
Status: Lost in space near planet 4546B
Age at time of disappearance: 42

    - Mercenary, born in the Mongolian States
    - Experienced in ship-to-ship and close quarters combat techniques
    - Tours of duty with the Mongolian Defense Force and the Trans-System Federation
    - Dishonorably discharged from the TSF 15 years ago for going off mission (details classified)
    - Emissary Khasar reports Maida was hired to accompany Paul Torgal onboard the Degasi into uncharted space, and defend the ship in case of assault by pirates or rival corporations

Marguerit Maida's Log - Speaking Freely

These conniving, corporate, bourgeois, inbred, incompetent, self-absorbed jerks don't have a damn clue!

The kid's not so bad─he's even useful─but I swear everything that comes out of his father's idiot face is a narcissistic lie. If he wants to stay in this cave, that's his problem. I'm the one doing the heavy lifting. When sea monsters are hunting you, you don't hide; you hunt the sea monsters. Then you build a bigger boat out of sea monster bones and you hunt bigger monsters. Keep going until there aren't any monsters left to hunt you.

I'm going deeper. I'm gonna find what shot us down and I'm going to tear its damn heart out. I've started the prep work. The kid's taught me how to make enameled glass. I've started stockpiling metal ores to build myself a Seamoth. I'll raid the indoor growbeds before I leave.



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