The Membrain Tree is difficult to categorize, as it is composed of fauna and coral species living in symbiosis, though the PDA places it in the flora category. It is one of the dominant plants in the Grand Reef, along with Anchor Pods. It is mostly found attached on rock ledges in the biome. The Membrain Tree also grows along the Sea Treader's Path.

The Membrain Tree is purely decorative. It can be harvested for Membrain Tree Seeds by using the knife, which can then be planted.


The Membrain Tree seems to be a symbiosis of pink microfauna and blue corals encased with a bulbous, transparent membrane on a thick stub. It emits bright blue and pink bioluminescent glows.

Data Bank Entry

Membrain Tree-0

This entity defies neat categorization. It consists of more than one coral species working in tandem to create an insulated microcosm enclosed within a translucent membrane. Found exclusively growing on basalt rock in the grand reefs, the homeostatic conditions within are considerably warmer and more dense with microbial life than the outside environment, and the bright purple fauna inside will likely die off quickly if exposed.



  • Despite being classed as a flora species nothing in the Membrain Tree’s data bank entry suggests that any part of the “tree” is flora. Only the corals and the bright pink fauna are mentioned. If this is true then the tree is not flora at all and instead a colonial animal composed of coral, which is itself a colonial animal, and the bright pink fauna species within the membrane.
  • The Membrain Tree's name might be portmanteau of "Membrane" and "Brain", referencing the vibrant pink fauna within. Though it is equally possible that this was a spelling error.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

  • The Membrain Tree used to be a key part in crafting Hatching Enzymes. However, the recipe was changed.