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  • If you’re swimming above the land 0:05

    And you see a vast stretch of sand 0:07

    Nothing but sand and rock in sight 0:10

    And watch out if you come at night 0:13

    These are the dunes, These are the dunes 0:15

    Come at night and you will die soon. 0:21

    In the dunes you may see 0:23

    A monster fish that will be your doom 0:25

    In this place, undersea 0:29

    You will meet death in these dunes 0:31

    With teeth like knives and eyes of black 0:34

    It will be hiding behind your back 0:37

    It has no mercy, it has no brain 0:40

    Just teeth that can inflict serious pain 0:42

    These are the dunes, These are the dunes 0:45

    Warper! Sandshark! Cave crawler! Reaper! 0:47

    In this land of sand and bone, 0:54

    nothing can help you if you’re alone 0:56

    No shelter for the weak is here 1:01

    Just open spaces filled with fear 1:03

    Monsters lurk under the sand 1:06

    Waiting to strike when you come near 1:09

    Crash! You’re sub’s gone! 1:11

    With nowhere to run, nowhere to hide  1:13

    On this night you will die 1:16

    From a bite or tooth or claw 1:17

    Or getting pulled into a reaper’s maw 1:19

    And the last thing that you saw 1:23

    Was the teeth on the levithan’s jaw  1:25


    Just beware, of your doom 1:28

    In the waters of the dunes 1:30

    The warpers here are deadly too,1:33

    They warp away and appear behind you1:36

    The sandsharks burrow through the ground 1:39

    Keep your ears ready for any sound 1:43

    The cave crawlers are small but strong 1:45

    Eating you until you’re life is gone. 1:38

    These are the dunes, These are the dunes 1:49

    Warper! Crawler! Sandshark! Reaper! 1:52

    In the dunes! In the dunes!1:55

    Nothing friendly anywhere 1:58

    Watch out for the reaper’s jumpscare 2:00

    You will never know true fright 2:02

    Until you meet a reaper at night .2:05

    In this land 2:08

    Of water and sand 2:10

    With no shelter anywhere, nowhere to hide 2:12

    The reaper’s scream, this is what it means 2:14

    I can see you, prepare to die U 2:16

    If you hear it, it hears you 2:17

    Welcome to the dunes, you’ll meet your doom! 2:20

    You had better watch your back, Anytime we might attack! 2:22

    Your Prawn suit can’t save you now! 2:25

    These are the dunes, These are the dunes,

    Warper! Crawler! Sandshark! Reaper! 2:33

    In this land of bones and sand 2:37

    You should run while you still can!  2:40

    deep, dark, death and doom 2:43

    is all there is in the dunes 2:53

    You should not come here, you will die,

    This is a warning, don’t pass it by.

    Death waits in the dark,

    Among the dunes.


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  • Rename bladderfish airsacks. There are so many jokes about politicans being airsacks that need to be made.

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  • Welkom 2 the wikia!

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