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The Ming Plant is a flora species found exclusively on the Floating Island. By using the knife to slice it, the player can harvest Ming Plant Seeds from it.


The Ming Plant appears to be a purple vase-shaped plant with a network of darker purple cracks on it. It possesses green-blue bioluminescent leaves growing out from the top of the plant's trunk.

Data Bank Entry

Ming Plant-0.png

A hardy specimen which grows on land. The vase-like trunk protects the root system from predation and self-repairs over time, explaining the characteristic cracks on the side.



  • The Ming Plant was originally called the Purple Vase Plant.
  • The design of the Ming Plant is extremely similar to that of ordinary sea-anemones. This suggests convergent evolution and the presence of even more similarities.
  • The "Ming" in its name is likely a reference to its vase-like shape. "Ming Vases" (Chinese porcelain works created during the Ming dynasty) are known in popular culture as extremely expensive vases. 
  • The cracked appearance of the Ming Plant's "vase" resembles the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which broken pottery is repaired with a decorative adhesive, so that the fixed cracks enhance the beauty and character of the piece.