This article is about Miscellaneous Items. You may be looking for Exterior Modules, Interior Modules, Base Pieces or Interior Pieces.

Miscellaneous Items are objects that can be crafted with Habitat Builder. They are mainly for decoration, purposely for use in Seabases or in a Cyclops.

Miscellaneous Item List

Item Description
Simple metal relaxation appliance. Conserves energy when resting.
Basic Double Bed.png
Basic Double Bed
A double bed.
Quilted Double Bed.png
Quilted Double Bed
A double bed with a beautiful gray linen spread.
Single Bed.png
Narrow Bed
A single bed.
Common starship work desk.
Swivel Chair
Turns 360 degrees.
Chair 2.png
Office Chair
Relaxing and confidence building.
Chair 3.png
Command Chair
Sign post with configurable text.
Picture Frame.png
Picture Frame
Wall-mounted frame, upload desired image from compatible PDA photo galleries.
Bar Table.png
Bar Table
Round glass table.
Trash Cans.png
Trash Can
Trash cans.
Lab Trash Can.png
Nuclear Waste Disposal
Used to dispose of nuclear waste.
Vending Machine.png
Vending Machine
Vending machine.
Coffee Vending Machine.png
Coffee Vending Machine
Synthesizes hydrating, caffeine-free coffee.
Lab Counter.png
Lab counter.
Wall Planter.png
Wall Planter
Wall-mounted foliage. Purely decorational.
Single Wall Shelf.png
Single Wall Shelf
Single wall shelf.
Wall Shelves.png
Wall Shelves

Wall shelves.

Markiplier Doll.png
An Unusual Doll
An unusual doll.
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