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This article is about the Mountains. You may be looking for the Mountain Island or the Mountains Caves.

The Mountains is a vast, barren biome containing huge deep underwater mountain ranges, hydrothermal vents, rocky structures and an abundance of brown algae. It is located northeast of Lifepod 5, bordering the Bulb Zone, one of the Mushroom Forests, the Underwater Islands, one of the Kelp Forests, The Northern Blood Kelp Zone and the Crater Edge.


The Mountains are characterized by a variety of huge rocky mountain ranges, with vast, unobstructed areas of open water surrounding them. Hydrothermal vents can often be found on the mountains, and typically contains Magnetite around them. Plenty of large, smooth boulders can be seen resting along valleys and the seabed.

Extreme caution should be taken while exploring the Mountains, as it is home to seven Reaper Leviathans. At least one can be found near the Mountain Island bordering the Mushroom Forest. In conjunction with the open waters providing no cover, these leviathans can heavily discourage players from venturing deeper into the biome, where the best fragments and areas are located.

Wreck 5 and Wreck 19 can be found here, both located in deep, dangerous locations.

The Mountain Island, located in the southwest corner of the biome, extends 110 meters into the air above the sea level, featuring many underwater Mountains Caves that can be both entered from the underwater entrance or directly on the island's shore.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

The foundation and underwater entrance of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform can be found on the northern side of the Mountain Island.

An Alien Vent Entrance Point is found in the Mountains, near the Mountain Island.

On the Mountains' border with the Bulb Zone, an entrance leading to the Lost River can be found.

One of the five Sea Emperor Juveniles can be found here after the Sea Emperor Leviathan Eggs have been hatched.



  • In early development, the Mountains were planned to be an entrance to the Lost River.
    • This was then added at one of the Mountains' borders with the Bulb Zone in the Ghost Update of 2017.
  • The vast amount of brown algae covering the mountains cannot be scanned or interacted with, serving only as decoration.