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This article is about the Natural Selection 2 Poster. If this is not what you are looking for, see Posters (Disambiguation).

The Natural Selection 2 Poster shows a scene from the Unknown Worlds Entertainment video game Natural Selection II. It can be found on the upper deck of Wreck 1 located in the Grassy Plateaus, as well as in the deepest section of Wreck 2 inside a Prawn Suit bay, found in the same biome. A third poster can be found in the Living Quarters (Cabin 6) of the Aurora.

It can be picked up at the top and placed by equipping it and placing it on an even surface with the right mouse button.



  • Natural Selection 2 and Subnautica both are confirmed to have taken place in the same universe, with Subnautica coming first. This means the Natural Selection 2 Poster is likely non-cannon.