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This article is about the Nuclear Waste Disposal as it appears in Subnautica. To see this subject as it appears in Below Zero, click here.
This article is about the Nuclear Waste Disposal. You may be looking for the Trash Can.

The Nuclear Waste Disposal is a miscellaneous item built with the Habitat Builder. Its Blueprint is acquired by scanning Nuclear Waste Disposals found among the wreckage in the Aurora and Wrecks. Only one scan is required to unlock the Blueprint.

It is functionally the same as a Trash Can, except the only thing that can be placed inside it is depleted Reactor Rods, which in turn cannot be placed in a regular Trash Can. Spent reactor rods can not be retrieved when placed in the Nuclear waste disposal.

It is only useful if the player has constructed a Nuclear Reactor, as it provides a means of disposing of spent rods. It is purely up to the player if they wish to build one, as there is no consequence for placing Depleted Reactor Rods in regular storage or dropping them on the seabed.


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  • Originally it was a functionless decoration called "Lab Trash Can," hence its debug spawn name and having a biohazard symbol rather than a radiation symbol. It was then renamed "Biohazard Trash Can" and given its current function, receiving its final name in mid-2017.


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  • WindowsLogo.png The Nuclear Waste Disposal, when being placed within a base, is only able to be placed atop the black portions of the floor of a Seabase. This appears to be due to a clipping issue.