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Omega Lab is an Alterra Corporation base located in the Lilypad Islands at a depth of 200m inside a central, large floating rock.


Omega Lab is composed of two Multipurpose Rooms and a Large Room, all connected by an X Compartment with a Hatch to allow entry. In front of the base is a Foundation, with two Exterior Growbeds constructed upon it, along with a few crates laying about. Atop a crate is a Data Box containing the blueprint for Swim Charge Fins.

Appearing relatively intact from the outside, holes in the Large Room suggest that the interior has been damaged. While both Multipurpose Rooms are untouched, the Large Room shows signs of a massive fire taking place, resulting in the base's Nuclear Reactor becoming unstable and causing a small explosion.


Omega Lab is divided into three main sections; the greenhouse, the quarters, and the laboratory. Unlike most other Alterra bases, the interior of the lab is completely submerged.

The Greenhouse

To the right of the entrance hatch is the Greenhouse. This room features a Glass Dome roof, and many Wall Planters along the inside. Various plant pots and research equipment can be found here, as well as a Data Box containing the Control Room blueprint. Against the back wall is a Water Filtration Machine.

The Quarters

To the left of the entrance hatch are the Quarters. This Multipurpose Room is divided into three, with two bedrooms on either side of a small sitting room with a Coffee Vending Machine, Trash Can, and Vending Machine. The bedroom to the left belongs to Danielle Valenti, while the bedroom to the right belongs to Vinh Pham. Vinh's bedroom contains a PDA, and a postcard from Vinh's girlfriend. Danielle's bedroom contains a PDA, a framed photo of her and Sam Ayou, and an Aromatherapy Lamp.

The Laboratory

Directly in front of the entryway is the Laboratory. The player can enter the room through a bulkhead that has been blown off its hinges. While other rooms in Omega Lab are unscathed, the Laboratory has been scorched, leaving everything in the room charred and blackened with ash. Batteries, research equipment, papers, and even a Nuclear Waste Disposal can be found floating around the room. A Power Cell Charger can be found on the left side of the wall. In the center of the Laboratory are the remnants of the Nuclear Reactor, having blown up due to the fire, causing severe damage to where it once stood. A single PDA belonging to Danielle can be found here.


Prior to Robin Ayou's arrival on 4546B, Omega Lab was a biology lab where Danielle and Vinh were studying and mutating samples of the Kharaa Bacterium harvested from the Frozen Leviathan. At an unknown point in time, the base was sabotaged and set aflame by Marguerit Maida, likely acting on the behalf of Samantha Ayou. The accident would later be investigated by Alexis Riedell.



  • Omega Lab was previously named Outpost Omega, Research Base Omega, and Research Base Cappa. The Cappa incarnation had a somewhat different structure including a Scanner Room, two Observatories and a Moonpool, and had a completely flooded interior. Nothing within it could be scanned.
    • During earlier builds of Below Zero there was a base in the Thermal Spires called Research Base Omega which was cut for unknown reasons.
    • Before the Methane Ice Caves biome was cut from the game, a second copy of Research Base Cappa could be found there as the first iteration of Marguerit Maida's Base.
  • Omega Lab contains a Centrifuge, which is cut content from Subnautica.
  • Every Alterra base is named after a Greek letter. Omega, "Ω", is the last letter.