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This article is about the Orange Tablet. If this is not what you are looking for, see Alien Tablets (Disambiguation).

The Orange Tablet is the rarest Alien Tablet. It can be found in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Seabase on a desk. This Alien Tablet is exclusively used to access the Lost River Laboratory Cache. The Orange Tablet is craftable, after scanning it for the blueprint, but only one terminal requires the artifact.


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Data Bank Entry

Orange Artifact-1.png

This device hums slightly, and displays an orange-lit symbol resembling an 'n'. It may offer a way to interact with compatible technologies.



  • The data bank entry notes that that alien character on the artifact resembles the English letter "N".
  • The old encyclopedia for the orange Alien tablet said "It's a secret to everybody." This was a reference to a famous line in the original The Legend of Zelda video game.[1]