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Outpost Zero is an abandoned Alterra installation that served as the base of operations for Alterra's Architect research. It was shut down after their research efforts failed to produce results.

At an unknown point in time, the base was hit by an avalanche.

It is located 450-500m North East of the Drop Pod with an underwater cave entrance below the surface.


Outpost Zero is a large installation composed of two Large Rooms, three Multipurpose Rooms, and a large deck composed of metal mesh platforms and stairs. The deck includes an open-air Prawn Suit service station.

Prior to Robin Ayou's arrival, the base had been struck by an avalanche, and as a result is half-buried in the snow. While the interior remains largely undamaged, snow has begun to fill certain rooms and many components are bent out of shape.

Interior Rooms

Outpost Zero boasts five distinct areas; the break room, the laboratory, the greenhouse, and two sets of quarters.

The Break Room

Upon entry to the base, the player will find themselves in the Break Room. Benches, lockers, and plant pots occupy one side of the room. The other side serves as a cafeteria, featuring tables, chairs, trash cans, a Vending Machine, a Coffee Vending Machine, and a Water Filtration Machine. A Jukebox Disk is found here as well.

The Laboratory

To the right of the Break Room is the Laboratory, where research was conducted on various Architect technologies, such as an Alien Robot and Ion Cube. A photograph of Potato and a children's drawing can be found at the work stations of Samantha Ayou and Lillian Bench respectively.

The Greenhouse

To the left of the Break Room is the Greenhouse, a room comprised of a Multipurpose Room and an accompanying Glass Dome. Since some time has passed since the base's abandonment, only decaying Lantern Trees can be found here, with fallen Lantern Fruit scattered across the ground.


Two sets of Quarters can be found on the left and right sides of the break room's back wall. The right side Quarters is inaccessible to the player due to damage sustained from the avalanche, however the room can be accessed using a Spy Pengling to pass a hole in the wreckage, which contains some Batteries, Large Filtered Water and a Power Cell. The left side Quarters is divided into two separate bedrooms, with the left belonging to Samantha Ayou, and the right belonging to Lillian Bench. Posters, personal belongings, and PDAs can be found in each.


Prior to the arrival of Robin Ayou, Outpost Zero served as the home for Alterra's Architect research branch in Sector Zero. Notable among its staff was Lillian Bench, who came close to discovering Al-An's presence in the region due to his SOS signals. At an unknown point in time, Samantha Ayou was demoted, and moved from the Phi Robotics Center to Outpost Zero. Unfortunately, the branch would lose its funding after Al-An's efforts to keep himself hidden prevented any breakthroughs from being made, and the base would ultimately be abandoned.

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  • Several unused props from the original Subnautica are used to decorate Outpost Zero, such as the Specimen Analyzer and Hydroponic Tower.
  • The previous name for Outpost Zero was "Research Base Zero."
  • In the versions prior to the Frostbite Update, Outpost Zero served as the starting point for the player.
  • Outpost Zero is the only Alterra base not having a Greek letter as a symbol on the Alterra map. "" could either be the slashed zero, or the mathematical symbol for the empty set.