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I don't understand how we're here now. I don't know why no one's coming for me.

― Ozzy, Lifepod 17 Crew Log


Ozzy was a crewman stationed aboard the Aurora. He, along with an unknown number of other personnel, escaped the Aurora by boarding Lifepod 17, which crashed in the Grassy Plateaus. His lifepod's hull was most likely breached by a Crabsnake, as suggested from his dialogue.

It is suggested that Ozzy served as a cafe owner, which can be determined from his crew log and the distress call he sent.


Nothing is known about Ozzy before the crash. However, it is likely that he served as the owner or head chef of the Aurora’s cafe. Before the Aroura he was probably a chef or manager at a cafe or other resturant.


After escaping in Lifepod 17, Ozzy recorded a final log, wondering why nobody was coming to rescue him. He is now presumed dead.

Relevant Data Downloads

Lifepod 17 Pre-Recorded Distress Call

RADIO: Playing pre-recorded distress call...
This is Ozzy from the cafeteria, what the hell guys?! They didn't warn us this might happen!
Our pod was almost crushed by the seamoth bay on the way down, now we're hanging on the edge of a cave system and this grim-looking snake-thing's trying to eat through the hull!
Come get us already!

Lifepod 17 Crew Log

Ozzy's log. It's the day of the crash. I don't know what the heck is happening. I'm scared and I'm not going outside. There are shadows in the water under the hatch but I can't tell if they're rocks or aliens, and there's weird looking caves nearby.

The Aurora was carrying everything needed to build the phasegate: mobile vehicle bays, bioreactors, propulsion cannons... It had a cinema. There was a zero-G gym. My cafe. I don't understand how we're here now. I don't know why no one's coming for me.


  • Ozzy replaced Senior Engineer LaFette, who was the survivor inside Lifepod 17 in earlier development.
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