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This PDA is rebooting with one directive, to keep you alive on an alien world.

― PDA, Dialogue

The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), also sometimes called the Survival PDA, is a multipurpose device that the player keeps with them at all times.


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Open PDA
XBOX Back PS4 Touch Pad.png SwitchMinus.png
Take In-game Picture
XBOX Press Right Joystick PS4 R3.png Stickclick.png

The various tabs of the PDA allow the player to:

  • Access their inventory PDA Inventory Icon.png
  • View their Blueprints PDA Blueprints Icon.png
  • Toggle Signals and assign new colors to them PDA Ping Manager Icon.png
  • View the photos they have taken. PDA Photo Manager Icon.png
  • View their log messages PDA Log Icon.png
  • View their Databank PDA Encyclopedia Icon.png
  • View all received Time Capsules PDA TimeCapsule Icon.png

The PDA's AI keeps the player informed of their health status and will alert the player when the player has 30 or 10 O2 points remaining, or if the player is getting close to dehydration or malnutrition. It also gives useful information to the player when they enter new areas or find new materials.

Abandoned PDAs can be found inside and around Degasi Seabases, the Aurora, Destroyed Lifepods, and some Wrecks. These can be collected to download their log messages.

Log messages

For a complete list of Log messages, see: Dialogue.

Paperdoll User Interface

The Paperdoll UI provides slots in which to place equipment. The available equipment slots are a head slot, a body slot, a feet slot, a hands slot, a tank slot, and two chip slots. The player must equip a piece of equipment in its corresponding slot in order to benefit from it.

Image Name Description Placement Slot
Radiation Helmet.png
Radiation Helmet Partial protection from Radiation Head Slot
Rebreather Ignore effects on Oxygen consumption from the environment and depth Head Slot
Radiation Suit.png
Radiation Suit Partial protection from radiation Body Slot
Reinforced Dive Suit.png
Reinforced Dive Suit Dive suit that provides 50% physical protection when paired with the Reinforced Gloves, immunity to Tiger Plants and allows the wearer to withstand temperatures of up to 70°C (158°F) Body Slot
Stillsuit Occasionally produces Reclaimed Water Body Slot
Fins Increases swimming speed Feet Slot
Swim Charge Fins.png
Swim Charge Fins Charges your held Tool while you swim Feet Slot
Ultra Glide Fins.png
Ultra Glide Fins Greatly increases swimming speed Feet Slot
Radiation Gloves.png
Radiation Gloves Partial protection from radiation Hand Slot
Reinforced Gloves.png
Reinforced Gloves Provides 50% physical protection when paired with the Reinforced Dive Suit, immunity to Tiger Plants and protection from temperatures up to 70°C (158°F) Hand Slot
Compass Displays the cardinal directions on the HUD Chip Slot
Scanner Room HUD Chip.png
Scanner Room HUD Chip Displays Scanner Room data on the player's HUD Chip Slot
Standard O₂ Tank.png
Standard O2 Tank Gives the player 30 more units of oxygen Tank Slot
High Capacity Tank.png
High Capacity O₂ Tank Gives the player 90 more units of oxygen Tank Slot
Ultra High Capacity Tank.png
Ultra High Capacity Tank Gives the player 180 more units of oxygen Tank Slot
Plasteel Tank.png
Lightweight High Capacity Tank Gives the player 90 more units of oxygen, but with a lower weight (and thus a lower Swimming Speed penalty) than the High Capacity O2 Tank Tank Slot

Data Bank Entries

If you are reading this, then you have survived an emergency evacuation of a capital-class ship equipped with Alterra technology. Congratulations: the hard part is over.

Your PDA has automatically rebooted in Emergency Mode. This operating system has one directive: to keep you alive on a hostile alien world. If that is not possible it will alert salvage teams to the location of your remains.

It features:
- Full monitoring of vital signs for timely survival advice
- Blueprints for fabricating a range of essential survival equipment, tailored to your environment
- Onboard camera, microphone and OCR technology for short-range situational analysis - Cross-compatibility with all Alterra-compliant products

NB Your personal and work files have been encrypted and may be retrieved at a later date by a licensed engineer.

1. Administer first aid if required
2. Take inventory of available materials and supplies, and decide on rations
3. Survey the environment for threats and resources
4. Construct necessary survival equipment using the lifepod's fabricator
5. Check lifepod for damage, and repair as necessary
6. Broadcast local distress signal using lifepod's short-range radio
7. Locate other survivors using line of sight or the radio
8. Find or construct a more permanent habitat
9. Maintain physical and psychological health until rescue

NB This information is meant as a general guide. In the first instance you should always follow the advice of your PDA, which has taken your particular circumstances into account.

Damage to your PDA's hard drive has corrupted approximately 80% of stored survival blueprints. Blueprints may be reacquired by scanning a salvaged technology using the handheld scanner, or by downloading plans from a ship-board databox. In the circumstances these assets will most likely be found amongst wreckage from the Aurora.


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  • In an old developer doc, the Minimap was a planned feature. It would track the player and terrain. This was removed long before the playable version of Subnautica was released.