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Parvan's Bunker is a small structure located in the Glacial Basin, found inside the cave leading up to the Frozen Leviathan. The bunker functioned as a security office for Parvan Ivanov, and was where he watched over the creature through security cameras located at the site.

Various objects of interest can be found here, including two PDA entries and two posters.

The Jukebox Disk containing Deep Dive (feat. Zach Boucher) by TryHardNinja can be found on the back of the bed.



  • The former name for Parvan's Bunker was Serik's Bunker, Serik Jevov being a character cut from the final story.
  • The poster found on the right side wall is a fan design by Vultureen, while the poster on the back wall and the bedsheets are both designs by Kedemel. Merchandise featuring these designs can be found on their respective profiles.