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Parvan Ivanov was a security specialist working for Alterra Corporation. Parvan was moved from guard duty at Koppa Mining Site, to Phi Excavation Site after Fred Lachance's discovery of the Frozen Leviathan. His job was carried out from his nearby bunker.

He and Sam Ayou were both killed as a result of Sam's attempt to destroy the creature.


Parvan was a large man with pale skin and reddish cheeks, a prominent double chin and large belly. He had thick, dark hair which he wore combed back.

Parvan wore a mostly blue security uniform. A blue shirt, darker around the shoulders, dark blue trousers with a black inseam, grey boots and black gloves. An Alterra logo was on his right shoulder and "SECURITY" was on the left side of his chest. He wore a high-tech pair of black-rimmed glasses, the right lens of which had a display of some sort. A belt with a large silver buckle was worn around his hips, with a weapon of some sort holstered on the right and two pouches on the left, one containing an unknown device. He was most likely right-handed.

Parvan's uniform was in somewhat poor condition and was seemingly too small for him. His shirt was partially untucked, the "E" of "SECURITY" on his shirt missing, and a protective knee pad on the left leg missing. His left trouser leg was untucked whilst the right was tucked into his boot, and the right half of his collar hung down whilst the left half stood up.

Backstory & Character

Parvan had a family who he was not on the best terms with around the time of his contract on 4546B and had a desire to patch up his relationship with them prior to his death. A data download containing a message he had written, but not sent to his daughter Rosita and Adeline who may have been his wife can be found. In the message Parvan begins to apologise for the times he did not appreciate his family, however it ends with Parvan stating that there is "no use" in sending it, and leaves it unfinished.

Parvan was apparently an artist in his spare time, creating illustrations of the local fauna. According to Sam Ayou these drawings were often "innapropriate", whilst Parvan defended them as art. He also collected "interesting rocks" he would find whilst performing his security duties and kept them on a shelf in his bunker.

He enjoyed playing the weekly games of "Alien Intruder" with the other workers in Sector Zero, but was accused of cheating by other players.

He seemed to have a distaste for the scientists, thinking they had "too much power" and was often critical of their work. He believed Lillian Bench's work to be pointless, saying that they wouldn't find anything down there aside from the other workers.

He seemed to be friendly with Fred Lachance.

Parvan's Death

Parvan was killed in a cave in that was seemingly set up by Sam Ayou, whom he encountered within Phi Excavation Site whilst on his security patrol. He scolded her for not following protocol and investigating where she did not have clearance to be. He approached her whilst Sam warned him to keep back, when Parvan questioned her on this the entrance to the cave collapsed, crushing both Parvan and Sam.

Relevant Databank Entries

Parvan Ivanov

Security Specialist
Reports to: Emmanuel Desjardins
Current Project: Excavation Site Security
Previous Project: Mining Site Security
Personality: E3A3O2C3N1

Source: Scan nameplate at the entrance to his bunker

Greetings, family.

Parvan: My dearest Adeline and Rosita,

Ugh, not "dearest?" who says that anymore?

Adeline. Rosita.

Everything on the mission is going very well. Do you see now? Your doubts were unfounded. I am loved here and--

Ugh, no. Rosita will say "Paaaaapa, why do you have to brag all the time." "Paaaaapa it's embarrassing."

I want to apologize.

Okay no, that's taking things too far.

I know we didn't leave things on the best note. But I want you to know, I love you, and I miss you. I don't know why I say the things I say sometimes-- they just come out.

I was going to send you a message saying how great everything is here and how everyone loves me. I've had a promotion to a very important security dossier. I'm treated like a hero.

But really, this is a cold, wet planet. The scientists are full of themselves. There's no action to speak of. The only thing I look forward to is weekly games of Alien Intruder, but more than that, of coming home to you.

I am sorry for all the times I did not appreciate you, of our family, or the good life we had. And I--

Who am I kidding? I can't send this. What's the use.

Source: PDA in the Parvan's Bunker