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The Pathfinder Tool is a tool that the player can use to find their way back during cave exploration. It is crafted using the Fabricator.

The Pathfinder Tool consumes Energy from a Battery when placing pathfinder discs. The Pathfinder Tool uses 10 energy per 20 discs, making it able to dispense up to 200 discs (10 maximum uses) on a single full Battery charge (or 5 times that using an Ion Battery). The player can replace the Pathfinder Tool's Battery by pressing R (Xbox One:

XBOX X , PlayStation 4:Combops4sq).


The player can press RMB (Xbox One:

XBOX Right Trigger

, PlayStation 4:PS4 R2) to eject a disk from the Pathfinder Tool. The disc will emit a blue holographic projection. The first disk will emit a sphere; the other 19 disks will emit an arrowhead, which will point at the next disk in the line. Every five seconds, the first disk will pulse green, and the next one will pulse green after a half-second, and continue in this manner down the line of arrowheads. The player can press F (Xbox One:


, PlayStation 4:PS4 Dpad Up)to remove the disks from the environment.


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  • The Pathfinder Tool replaced an older item of equipment called the Dive Reel, which created a physical line in a similar manner to Pipes after the first section (the "anchor") was deployed. It was supposed to automatically create a path as the player moved, but the line tended to clip through walls and was difficult to follow, hence its replacement.
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