Placeable Items are objects picked up by the player that can be placed in the environment or in Seabases.

Placeable Items List

Item Description                         Item ID Size      Location
Arcade Gorge Toy.png
Arcade Gorge Toy
Comforting.                            (arcadegorgetoy) 1
Gray Cap.png
Gray Cap

Gray cap. Incompatible                                             with protective environment           (cap1)                suits.

Blue Cap.png
Blue Cap
Blue cap. Incompatible                                                with protective environment           (cap2)                   suits. 1
Lab Container.png
Large Sample Flask
Useless glass container.           (labcontainer) 4 (2×2)
Lab Container 2.png
Small Sample Flask
A variation on a useless           (labcontainer2)            glass container. 1
Lab Container 3.png
Cylindrical Sample Flask
A particularly useless              (labcontainer3)            glass container. 1
Electron Microscope.png
Electron Microscope
Non-functional laboratory        (labequipment1)          equipment. 4 (2×2)
Lab Equipment 2-0.png
Fluid Analyzer
Non-functional laboratory       (labequipment2)           equipment. 4 (2×2)
Lab Equipment 3.png
Sample Analyzer
Non-functional laboratory      (labequipment3)     


4 (2×2)
Common bag for                                              transporting personal               (luggagebag)           items. 4 (2×2)
Poster Aurora.png
Aurora Poster
Aurora Poster.                         (posteraurora) 1
Natural Selection 2 Poster.png
Natural Selection 2 Poster
Natural Selection                         (poster)                   2 Poster 1
Poster Kitty.png
Keep Calm Poster
Keep Calm Poster                     (posterkitty) 1
Poster Exosuit 2.png
Prawn Suit Poster - Land
PRAWN Suit Poster - Land       (posterexosuit1) 1
Poster Exosuit.png
Prawn Suit Poster - Sea
PRAWN Suit Poster - Sea      (posterexosuit2)  1
Starship Souvenir.png
Aurora Miniature
This ship model looks            (starshipsouvenir)          familiar. 1
Toy Car.png

Toy Car

Toy car                                         (toycar) 4 (2×2)
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