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This article is about Potato, the cat. You may be looking for Chinese Potato or Chinese Potato Plant.

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Everyone knows the best cat names are food-derived.

― Robin, to her sister

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Potato is a cat owned by Robin Ayou.

The cat's name was a heated topic between her and her sister Sam Ayou, as Sam referred to him as Augie, but Robin would insist his name was Potato. Sam would eventually give into naming him Potato in her final voicemail to Robin.

Various framed photographs of Potato can be found in Outpost Zero, where Sam was stationed after she was demoted.


Potato is a very large, and possibly somewhat overweight, male tabby cat with gray fur and green eyes. For unknown reasons, Potato is missing one of his front limbs, and in its place is mechanical prosthetic. This prosthetic was likely made by Sam Ayou, who used to work in the field of prosthetics.



  • In a previous version of the story, Robin owned a pet Bawaal named Ketchup, instead of a cat.