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The Pouch Bulb is a terrestrial Flora species found within the Glacial Bay and West Arctic. They are commonly found around Glacial Bulbs.


The Pouch Bulb is semi-circular and rotund. It has a teal hue and vein-like streaks that fade from red to purple as they converge towards the base of the plant. The rim of the plant sports several tubular structures with purple grass-like tufts that each sprout a yellow flower. These tubular structures point away from the center of the plant's base. Due to their growth in clusters, these plants can be seen pushing into each other, causing some to tilt over or sink into the ground.

Data Bank Entry

Pouch Bulb

The pouch bulb grows in clusters with an intertwining root system that filter water into its pouch. The root system has antifreeze proteins that prevent the formation of ice crystals in intracellular structures. Once the water is pulled into the pouch it is stored for later use. However, the pouch is also lined with antifreeze properties, making its contents unfit for human consumption.

Source: Scan Pouch Bulbs