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The Power Transmitter is a Power module that extends the range of a power source. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed on the seabed. It can be damaged and destroyed by striking it three times with the Survival Knife.

A glowing blue line will be displayed between the Power Transmitter and any objects that it is connected to.


  • There is no limit to the number of connected Power Transmitters.
  • Power Transmitters can only be used to connect external energy generators (Solar Panels and Thermal Plants) to a Seabase
  • Internal power sources (Bioreactors and Nuclear Reactors) cannot be connected. (One Seabase cannot power another Seabase, but they can share external energy generators.)
  • Distance between two Power Transmitters is about 100 meters, connects even through ground.
  • Distance between Power Transmitters and energy generator/seabase is only about 25 meters, connects only if an unobstructed line of maximum 25 meters can be established.

Before it can be constructed, a single Power Transmitter Fragment must be scanned with the Scanner. The Fragments can be found in the Mushroom Forest or in Wrecks.


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  • The Power Transmitter was the last item in Subnautica to receive a final model.
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