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The Exosuit facilitates mobility in high-pressure and zero-gravity environments, turning the wearer into a bipedal mechanical rock puncher — rock grub ingestion not required.

― PDA.

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The Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit Mk.III (abbv. Prawn Suit Mk.III) is a bipedal mechanical walker, designed for use in extreme-pressure and zero-gravity environments. A plasteel-reinforced canopy of enameled glass protects the single occupant, and dexterity is provided by hydraulic limbs that are capable of striking with enough force to crush bone and pulverize rock. When not in use outside of water, the vehicle assumes a seated position.

Lateral movement is provided by mechanical legs that propel the vehicle along the seabed at a top speed of 24 kph (14 mph), and a pair of boosters on the back of the vehicle provide vertical thrust.

A 3D model can be found on Sketchfab.


The Prawn Suit can be used to explore deep areas. It has a base crush depth of 400 meters.

Unless the power supply is depleted, the player's Oxygen tank will be replenished upon entering. If power is depleted, the oxygen will run out slowly until the point where the player is losing oxygen within the Prawn Suit itself.

The Prawn Suit has a health meter, and reaching zero will cause the vehicle to malfunction catastrophically and explode.

The Prawn Suit requires energy from at least one of its two Power Cells to operate. It can be docked in the Moonpool to recharge. However, docking the Prawn Suit onto the Seatruck Docking Module does not recharge it. The Power Cells can also be swapped out and charged in a Power Cell Charger.

The vehicle comes equipped with a 24-slot inventory space, accessed from outside in the rear. Any items picked up with the default Claw Arm or drilled with the Drill Arm are automatically placed in the Prawn Suit's inventory if there is room. Bear in mind though that there is a slight delay between clicking and activating the respective Claw Arm on the suit, so a player may accidentally punch a creature they are trying to collect or miss a falling item.

How to Use

Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox PlayStation Nintendo Switch
Enter Prawn
XBOX A Combops4x (BZ).png SwitchA (BZ).png
Exit Prawn
XBOX B Combops4circle (BZ).png SwitchB (BZ).png
Piloting the Prawn
XBOX Right Joystick PS4 R3 (BZ).png Stickclick (BZ).png
Using Prawn Arms
XBOX Left Trigger XBOX Right Trigger PS4 L2.png PS4 R2.png SwitchZl (BZ).png SwitchZr (BZ).png
Jumping (Hold to use Thrusters)
XBOX Left Bumper PS4 L1.png SwitchL (BZ).png
Horizontal Boost
XBOX Left Joystick (Pressed) PS4 L3 (BZ).png (Pressed) Lstickclick (BZ).png (Pressed)
  • Exiting the vehicle when out of water will cause it to assume a sitting position, allowing access to its Power Cell slots, storage compartment and upgrade panel more easily.
  • Using the thrusters will deplete their internal energy, which recharges by itself when not in use. Staying on a solid surface will increase the rate at which the thrusters recharge.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments in the Koppa Mining Site, in the Bow section of the Mercury II, at Outpost Zero, and the Phi Excavation Site. It is crafted in the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

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The Prawn Suit can be customized with the Vehicle Upgrade Console, which the player can use to craft upgrades and change the vehicle's name and color scheme. Upgrades can also be crafted at a standard Fabricator, however upgraded depth modules require the Modification Station. Upgrades can be installed and swapped via a panel on its left shoulder. Opening the panel reveals six slots - four for vehicle upgrades and two for arm attachments.

Module Function Source Debug Spawn
Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1.png
Depth Module Mk1
Enhances safe diving depth. Does not stack.
  • Unlock the Prawn Suit
Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2.png
Depth Module Mk2
Enhances safe diving depth to maximum. Does not stack.
  • Unlock the Prawn Suit
Prawn Suit Drill Arm.png
Drill Arm
Enables the mining of resources. exosuitdrillarmmodule
Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade.png
Jump Jet Upgrade
Powerful rear-mounted jets propel the Prawn suit into the air. exosuitjetupgrademodule
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon.png
Propulsion Cannon
Industrial strength propulsion cannon fitting for the Prawn suit. exosuitpropulsionarmmodule
Storage Module.png

Storage Module

A small storage locker. Prawn compatible.
  • Unlock the Prawn Suit


Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor.png
Thermal Reactor
Recharges power cells in hot areas (doesn't stack). exosuitthermalreactormodule
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm.png
Torpedo Arm
A standard underwater payload delivery system adapted to fire torpedoes. exosuittorpedoarmmodule
Prawn Suit Grappling Arm.png
Grappling Arm
Fires a grappling hook for enhanced environment traversal. exosuitgrapplingarmmodule


The Prawn Suit can be transported over long distances attached to the sea truck using the Seatruck Docking Module.

Databank Entry

Prawn Suit (Mk.III)

The Pressure Re-Active Armored Waterproof Nano Suit is a range of mechs designed to protect the pilot from extreme environments. The Mk III is the latest iteration, and has so far only been rolled out by Alterra for their own high-value, phasegate-related operations.

- The suit is fully insulated from the outside environment
- Powerful hydraulic limbs allow for manipulation of objects and powered traversal of the environment
- Rear-mounted thrusters provide maneuverability in low-gravity environments
- A range of modifications are available to facilitate resource extraction and enhanced exploration

'The Prawn Suit: It's got you covered.'

Source: Scan Prawn Suit fragments



  • In earlier builds, the Prawn Suit had an ability called "Powerslide", basically a precursor of the Prawn Suit's Speed Boost Ability.
  • The Prawn Suit is the only vehicle from Subnautica to return in Below Zero.
  • In Subnautica the crush depth for the Prawn Suit was 900m instead of the 400m in Below Zero
  • Due to the internal programming of the Prawn Suit's movement, a technique knows as "chording" can be used to travel at greater speeds. Chording was coined as a concept in the first person, "6 degrees of freedom" flying game "Descent" from the mid 90's. By aiming the Prawn 45 degrees to the left or right, and pressing both Forward and away from the side you aimed, you travel much faster than if you simply moved forward. This works both when walking and "swimming". It is most efficient when on land and jumping. Jumping and chording can cover a lot of ground very fast and is helpful while avoiding Ice Worms.