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The Preston's Plant is a terrestrial flora species that can be found exclusively in Marguerit's Greenhouse in the East Arctic. Fruit can be harvested from it, and as a bonus, the player can feed the fruit to Snow Stalkers and their offspring. If the player knifes the plant, they will acquire a Preston's Plant Leaf. The player can harvest the leaves of the plant up to nine times before the plant disappears.

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Databank Entry

Preston's Plant
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Preston’s Plant consists of semi-transulcent leaves and a sweet fruiting berry. It is hardy and capable of growing in even the harshest of climates.

The fruit contains a paralytic agent that humans are unable to properly metabolize, but for certain animals it can act as something of a mild sedative.

Source: Scan Preston's Plants



  • The Preston's Plant was originally called the Snow Stalker Fruit Plant
    • The Preston's Delight was originally called the Snow Stalker Fruit
    • The Preston's Plant Leaf was originally called the Snow Stalker Plant Leaf