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This article is about the Propulsion Cannon. You may be looking for the Repulsion Cannon or the Prawn Suit Upgrade.

The Propulsion Cannon is a tool crafted with the Fabricator. The Propulsion Cannon takes up four slots in the player's Inventory.


The main function of the Propulsion Cannon is to attract and launch objects with its beam, including small to medium Fauna, Flora and Harvesting Nodes within a range of 19 meters.

Objects can be suspended via the Propulsion Cannon by aiming at the object and pressing RMB. The player can also load an item from their inventory into the Propulsion Cannon by pressing F. Once an object is loaded, the player can launch the object by pressing RMB again. Pressing F with an item loaded releases the object without launching it.

Attracted objects can be picked up by the player with LMB. This makes the Propulsion Cannon useful to catch fish and pick up hard-to-reach items.


Action Mouse & Keyboard Xbox One PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch
Grab Object
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 R2.png SwitchZr (BZ).png
Launch Object
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 R2.png SwitchZr (BZ).png
Drop Object
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 Dpad Up.png SwitchUpbutton (BZ).png
Add Object to Inventory
XBOX A Combops4x (BZ).png SwitchA (BZ).png
Load Object from Inventory
Error: Invalid Button Specified PS4 Dpad Up.png SwitchUpbutton (BZ).png
Change Battery
XBOX X Combops4sq (BZ).png SwitchY (BZ).png


The Propulsion Cannon uses energy from a Battery or Ion Battery, which can be replaced with R. While picking up objects does not use any energy, holding objects with the Propulsion Cannon uses 1 unit of energy every 1.43 seconds (41.96 energy per minute, 143 seconds for a full Battery or 715 seconds for a full Ion Battery). Launching objects uses 4 units of energy.

The Propulsion Cannon can be recharged with the Swim Charge Fins.


The blueprint for this item is unlocked by scanning fragments from Sea Monkey Nests in the Arctic Kelp Forest or Arctic Kelp Caves. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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Databank Entry

Propulsion Cannon

The propulsion cannon allows technicians to manipulate gravitational forces at ranges of up to 20m. It is commonly used in construction and mining to move materials.

Operating Instructions:
- Pull the trigger once to lock onto and attract a single targeted object weighing less than 25kg
- The object can now safely be retrieved from the gravitational beam
- Alternatively, pull the trigger a second time to propel the object at speed away from the device
- Not recommended for use on organic subjects

'The Prop Cannon: Some species are telekinetic. For everyone else, there's Alterra.'

Source: Scan Propulsion Cannon fragments


  • The propulsion cannon may have been a reference to the Gravity Gun from the game Half Life 2, sharing similarities with a round body, a handle in the back and left.
  • Fish launched with the Propulsion Cannon will produce a smoke-like effect, signifying either that the organism was launched with extreme force or had energy remains from being held by the cannon.