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The Purple Tablet is usually the first Alien Tablet to be found, and is very frequently used in a number of locations. There are currently seven working tablets found in the game.

The Quarantine Enforcement Platform requires two to unlock either the upper entrance or the anti-gravity elevator, and the control room. The two Purple Tablets needed to unlock these doors can be found onsite; three on Mountain Island, two in the Mountain Island's Caves and one inside the facility in the room before the deactivation terminal. The seventh can be found in the Degasi Seabase on the Floating Island, which was discovered by Marguerit Maida, and investigated by the other Degasi survivors.

After scanning the broken Purple Tablet in front of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform's land entrance, the player can craft Purple Tablets at the Fabricator using an Ion Cube and two Diamonds. Alternatively, they can scan an intact Purple Tablet either before picking it up or by discarding it.

The Purple Tablet can be used optionally to access the three Sanctuary Caches. It is also used to unlock certain doors in the Alien Thermal Plant and Disease Research Facility. In total, 8 tablets are required throughout the game (2 for the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, 1 for the Disease Research Facility, 2 for the Alien Thermal Plant and 3 for each Sanctuary Cache).


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Data Bank Entry

Purple Artifact-1.png

This carbon-based device is lighter than it looks, and features a symbol which resembles a 'U', lit up in purple. Despite the onboard power still functioning, algae growth on the exterior indicates it was abandoned hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago. While the technology is far beyond federation levels, and there is no obvious way to interface with it, it should nonetheless be possible to fabricate a precise physical copy of the device, if necessary.


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QEPAchievement.jpg Ancient Technologies

Find the Enforcement Platform

How to obtain: The player has to reach the Mountain Island and find the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.



  • The data bank entry notes is that the Alien character on the artifact resembles the letter "U".
  • The purple tablet is the only tablet that has scannable fragments.