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This article is about the Purple Vents. You may be looking for the Deep Purple Vents.

The Purple Vents is one of the three divisions of the thermal zone, a biome filled with Fumaroles spewing some kind of purple material. These vents will burn the player when they are in close proximity to them.

The biome borders the Lilypad Islands, Thermal Spires, Tree Spires, Delta Island, the East Arctic and the Sparse Arctic.

Near the border of the East Arctic, there is a pit that leads to the Deep Purple Vents, and to an extent, the Crystal Caves.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Two parts of the Mercury II are also located in this biome, the Stern bordering the Tree Spires, and the detached thruster room above the previously mentioned fissure that leads to the Deep Purple Vents.


The Purple Vents is one of the three thermal biomes the player will visit. The biome's terrain has a unique yellow coloration, is noticeably perforated in most areas, and consists of plateaus, a stark contrast to the overall gray and rocky terrain of the other thermal biomes.

The biome possesses very few Flora species that can only be seen thriving in the green pool-like formations that are scattered throughout the biome. Lithium and Salt Deposits can sometimes be found within these pools. Similarly to the Thermal Spires, the biome hosts a number of Cryptosuchuses.

Towards the eastern section of the Purple Vents, the player can find a narrow crevice containing Seatruck Sleeper Module Fragments and a couple of small cave networks containing a Data Box with a blueprint for the Booster Tank and some Supply Crates. A Water Filtration Machine is also found here. The Chelicerate in this biome is swimming right above the crevice so caution is advised.

Furthermore, the eastern section of the biome also contains the fissure that leads to the Deep Purple Vents. A few icebergs from the East Arctic can be found above, overlapping the eastern portion of the biome.

There is some debris located near the border with the Lilypad Islands containing different Seatruck fragments and a Data Box for the Control Room.