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The Pygmy Fan is a small, relatively rare flora species mostly found scarcely populating the Mushroom Forest and Bulb Zone in small clusters.

It is merely decorative, but can also be harvested for Pygmy Fan Seeds by using the knife, which can then be planted. A cluster can yield between 5 to 7 seeds, depending on the size.

Planting a Pygmy Fan Seed on a Exterior Growbed will grow as an indivual Pygmy Fan instead of the cluster and can be picked up, unlike the cluster. Striking it with a knife will always yield 2 seeds and will break afterwards.


The Pygmy Fan is mostly yellowish green in color. It consists of a slender stalk splitting into seven smaller branches, held together by a thin, yellow membrane, which is capable of emitting a faint bioluminescent glow, revealing several vein-like structures within.

Data Bank Entry


A common, mildly luminescent plant, discovered predominantly in shallower waters.



  • Despite the Databank entry describing the Pygmy Fan as a common plant, it is one of the rarer plants found in the game.