The Pyrocoral is a coral species that is found exclusively in certain areas of the Lost River.


The Pyrocoral is a mossy material wrapped around a grey rock formation with a wide base that splits off into multiple branching sections. The coral itself is wrapped around the rock like a net and is green in color. It has a gooey look. The tips of the rock's branching sections, exposed lava can be seen giving off a faint yellow glow. It can only be interacted with via the Propulsion/Repulsion Cannon.

Data Bank Entry


This coral species is unlike any other encountered on 4546B in so far as it relies on magma flow rather than water current to deliver nutrients. As lava rises up from the planet's core and erupts at vents, this coral forms around the base until eventually it has surrounded the entire vent. Lava is then funneled up through the coral, allowing it to siphon minerals and heat as it goes.



  • The name "Pyrocoral" is possibly satire on the name of the coral-like members of Hydrozoa, which are frequently dubbed "hydrocoral". "Hydro" refers to water whilst "Pyro" refers to fire.
    • This is further supported by the family of hydrocorals dubbed "Milleporidae", or more commonly "fire coral".
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