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The Quantum Locker is a deployable storage container, similar to the Waterproof Locker. It is crafted using the Fabricator. All Quantum Lockers share the same contents.

The Quantum Locker can be placed in the ocean and on land, but it cannot be placed inside of Seabases. When placed on land it floats above the ground, and floats in place when placed in the water. It can store up to sixteen items in a 4×4 space, and takes up a 2×2 space in the inventory.

Unlike regular Waterproof Lockers, Quantum Lockers do not have customizable labels (they all share the same contents, so this would be redundant).

It can be used to transfer / share items between locations without having to physically carry them, or simply as a 12-slot extension to the player's inventory (as it contains 16 slots while taking up only 4). In the latter case, only one Quantum Locker is required.


  • Place the Quantum Locker anywhere by dropping it with RMB.
  • Press LMB while looking at the top of the locker to access the storage.
  • Press LMB anywhere else on it to pick up.

Unlike the Waterproof Locker, the Quantum Locker can be picked up while it has items in it.


The blueprint for this item is acquired by scanning two Architect Artifacts. It is crafted in the Fabricator.

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