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The Ragged Pitcher Plant are a flora species found in the Purple Vents and Deep Purple Vents.


The Ragged Pitcher Plant bears a dark green stem topped with a deep, cup-shaped flower. The rim of the flower has a ragged appearance. A purple cone-like structure can be found in the center of the flower.

Databank Entry

Ragged Pitcher Plant
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The ragged pitcher plant is the only known species of predatory underwater plant on 4546B. It grows on mineral rich hydrothermal deposits.

The bowl shaped ‘pitcher’ produces a concentrated brine that pools inside due to its high density. When small organisms get too close they are stunned, causing them to sink into the pitcher where they are dissolved and absorbed by the plant.

Source: Scan Ragged Pitcher Plants



  • Despite the its Databank Entry stating the Ragged Pitcher Plant has a predatory lifestyle, it does not show any predatory behavior in-game.
    • The Databank Entry also suggests that the Ragged Pitcher Plant is the only predatory flora found underwater on Planet 4546B. However, the Jade Membrane is also suggested to be predatory flora species by its Databank Entry.