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This article is about Reactor Rods as it appears in Subnautica. To see this subject as it appears in Below Zero, click here.

The Reactor Rod is an electronic item crafted using a Fabricator. It is used to power Nuclear Reactors. Up to four Reactor Rods can be placed in one Nuclear Reactor at a time. A single Reactor Rod can supply 20000 energy.

Once they are fully consumed, they will leave behind Depleted Reactor Rods. These must be disposed of in a Nuclear Waste Disposal.


Uraninite Crystal.pngUraninite Crystal.pngUraninite Crystal.pngLead.pngTitanium.pngGlass.pngArrow-right (1).pngFabricator.pngArrow-right (1).pngReactor Rod.png


Reactor Rod.pngArrow-right (1).pngNuclear Reactor.pngArrow-right (1).pngEnergy.png×20000Depleted Reactor Rod.png

Reactor Rod.png×4Arrow-right (1).pngNuclear Reactor.pngArrow-right (1).pngEnergy.png×80000Depleted Reactor Rod.png×4



  • Reactor Rods have "special glass" that insulates radiation, as stated by Cory Strader.[1] This is not unrealistic as both lead and glass are present in the recipe, and lead glass shields are often used for viewing windows for industrial "hot cells" used for conducting work with radioactive materials.