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The Reaper's Wineglass is a flora species found prominently in the Tree Spires, as well around Marguerit Maida's Base and near the Tree Spires border with the Thermal Spires.


The plant has a long, purple stem that anchors it to the floor. At the top of this stem is a bulging green growth that glows strongly, encased by an irregular purple lattice. Growing outwards from this structure is a thick purple disc that is flattened on the top. Holes seem to be situated at regular intervals around the edge of this disc.

Databank Entry

Reaper's Wineglass
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Reaper’s Wineglass is an unusually oversized single-celled organism made of three parts: the rhizoid (or footlike root system beneath the soil), the stalk, and the cap.

Its single nucleus is located in the rhizoid. This means that if the bulbous cap is removed or devoured by aquatic fauna, it will slowly grow a new cap.

Source: Scan Reaper's Wineglass


The Reaper's Wineglass closely resembles a scaled-up version of the Acetabularia "mermaid's wineglass" algae.