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This article is about Red Feather Fish. You may be looking for Feather Fish.

The Red Feather Fish is a small, edible fauna species and close relative of the purple Feather Fish.


This creature has a compact main body covered in large overlapping scales. The main body is black on the ventral side and red on the dorsal side, with an orange band dividing the two regions. The eyes are bright blue and reasonably large, situated on the side of the body behind a narrow, toothless mouth.

The tail fin is reduced and has twelve longitudinal grooves on each side. With a reduced tail fin the creature instead propels itself through the water using the pair of oversized crescent-shaped fins on the top and bottom of the body, each of these fins being roughly one and a half times the length of the body.

This creature has slight anatomical differences to its close relative aside from coloration, namely its slightly shorter and bulkier fins, more pronounced tail fin and scales being present on both the top and bottom halves of the body.

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